General Art Requirements
  • Please submit logos digitally in eps, pdf, ai or cdr vector format
  • Depending on product and printing method high resolution jpg or tiff files may be accepted
  • Additional set up charges may apply for logo clean and non application ready artwork
  • Clip art images are available for most events and activities by request
Set Up Charges
  • Non vector logo additional set up charges range $10-$20 
  • Logo redraw ranges $10-$20
  • Detailed Graphic Design and Art Services $60.00/hr
Laser Engraving Logos
  • Laser engraving may require logos to be converted to black and white art
  • Always take into consideration size and location of laser engraving 
  • Not all logos/text will be suitable for laser etching when size is reduced for small items
  • Modifications to logos may be necessary to ensure quality laser engraving

Laser Engraving Minimum Font Sizes / Line Thickness

  • San Serif fonts (ex. Arial) = 6pt or larger
  • Serif Fonts (ex. Times New Roman) = 10 pt or larger
  • Script Fonts = 12 pt or larger
  • Note: Minimum line/stroke thickness 1 pts
  • Fine details may not laser engrave clearly if below minimum sizes.
Screen Printing / Promotional Products
  • Logos must be submitted digitally in eps, pdf, cdr or ai vector format to avoid set up charges

  • Product descriptions will list product set up charges or screen charges

  • Non vector logo additional set up charges range $10-$20

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