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Diamond Drag Engraving

Depending on type of metal finish diamond drag engraving may be preferred engraving method which uses a spindle with diamond engraving tip which scribes the surface being engraved.  Diamond drag engraving is popular on gift items and award medals.

Misc Laser Marking

Acrylic based plastics, leather and various other materials can be laser marked.  Call for quotes and pricing.

Laser engraving may appear dark or light depending on the type of wood that is laser engraved.  Paint fill can be applied  add additional cost to laser engraving. Since most laser engraving jobs are not alike please call to get a price quote on a particular item or job you may have.

​​Wood Laser Engraving

Glass Laser Engraving

Laser engraving on glass will appear as a frosted white appearance. Flat items such as mirrors or round objects such as mugs can be laser engraved. Some diameter size restrictions may apply to mugs or other round objects.

Blue Ribbon Awards can laser mark bare metals including stainless steel and some coated metals can be laser engraved.  Laser etching on bare stainless steel appears as a matte black with prior application of a metal marking solution to the metal surface.  When etching coated metals the coating is removed and metal is exposed. Anodized aluminum generally shows as white after laser etching.  Please call for a quote on custom laser engraving bare metals.

Laser Marking Metals

Home > Laser Engraving